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Ben Wicks


Blues Roulette

With humble beginnings at Melbourne venue ‘The Catfish’, the popularity of Blues Roulette and the nature of those ‘one night only’ performances have resulted in appearances at festivals and venues across the country, special themed events, national tours and CD recordings.

As an artist, primarily on bass guitar, Ben has performed and/or recorded with the likes of Dan Sultan, Lloyd Spiegel, Jeff Lang and Irish Mythen.

Through Roulette, Ben has become a sought after promoter and agent. His credits include tours for Geoff Achison, the Kings and Queens East Coast tour and The Three Gringos among others.

Expanding on his industry skills, he is currently producing albums for Australian blues artists and facilitating their branding and merchandise concepts.

Learn the Blues

Online, 1 on 1 lessons with the man behind Melbourne Institution Blues Roulette, offering real world knowledge and skills built over 25 years of playing and performing music.

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